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’Where’s your hat?’

A winter tale of a bunny that just didn’t want to wear a hat: it itched, scratched, and what’s worst, made his long ears unable to jump around in the snow with him! What if he played without it for just a little while, surely he wouldn’t get a cold? A book for young readers about learning from our own faults, asking for help when it’s needed, and learning how to compromise without missing out on anything at all.

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A rhyming picturebook full of onomatopoeic words with an unexpected twist. Read it out loud to hear a variety of rustling, mubmling, whispering and chiming that comes out at night to visit King Chrzęston at his palace.

In our opinion it is a perfect bedtime story – with colorful illustrations, creative and intriguing characters and a text full of murmurs, burbles and swishes.

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Ulica Siedmiu Mikołajów

’Seven Santas Street’

Staś will be seven this December – no wonder it’s his favourite month of the year! He just can’t wait to play out in the snow, spot the first Christmas star and meet his family coming to town from far away. However, this year things seem to just not work that way at all – is there anything he could do to bring the magic back to the Seven Santas Street?

A charming and timeless winter story showing us Christmas from the children’s perspective; a tale about a tight-knit community, making new traditions and gifting things that really matter.

Illustrations in this book have been created using a real-life street model created by a local artist, Przemysław Krzemień.

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Ptasie Trele (I & II)

’Bird songs (Parts I & II)’

Come and try recreating the songs of various birds! Try to match their tone, sound and personality. ‘Ptasie trele’ (translating literally to ‘bird calls’) are books encouraging you to look up to the treetops – helping youngest children learn and appreciate the fascinating variety of different birds. It could be their first ornithology book – standing out in the crowd thanks to its beautiful, vibrant illustrations of birds living in European cities and in the countryside.

Across two parts the reader is introduced to 24 different species of birds – from books specifically crafted for very young children. Realistic watercolor illustrations were created by Marta Żylska, the birdsongs were created by a popular zoologist and author Tomasz Samojlik and all of the pages were reviewed by Dr Romuald Mikusek – a famous polish ornitologist.

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Zeszyt Recenzenta z Bajkochłonką

’Reviewer’s Notebook with Bajkochłonka’

‘You just joined an exclusive Book Reviewers Society. You must now abide by the Reviewers Code, which – if applied properly – will improve and enhance the world of literature!’

‘Reviewer’s Notebook with Bajkochłonka’ is a unique little handbook on both how to read and how to write about literature, including insight of 10 polish creators and literature promoters. It’s followed by over 70 pages designed as a canvas for your own book reviews, encouraging young readers to put their thoughts into text. If you ever felt that your opinions on a certain piece of literature need to be heard by the world – then our publication would be a perfect place to start making it heard!

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‘Aliaszka’ is a debut novel of famous polish actress Magdalena Górska. A collection of seven short shories revolving around a small doll – named Aliaszka – that helps kids overcome difficult situations, find their inner strength and face obstacles with courage and optimism.

In our modern world children often find themselves navigating circumstances they may not fully understand: technology is now commonly used in bullying; busy, stressed parents can sometimes push a little too hard; their peers can carry heavy burdens, often including refugee experiences. By writing this book the author tries to help children understand that they’re not alone in those problems – by spreading the message of hope she encourages them to stay brave when things look tough or frightening.

The writing of the book was overlooked by dr Anna Szczepaniak, psychologist and child psychotherapist. She added an analysis of each chapter, giving helpful pointers to parents or teachers on talking with their children about themes discussed in the book.

The publication has been granted a honorary patronage by ‘Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę’ – one of the most important polish organisation promoting and protecting children rights across the country.

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Zielony Latawiec. Przyjaźń przez 6 kontynentów

’Green Kite. Friendship through 6 continents’

‘Green Kite. Friendship through 6 continents’ is a unique book created by over 40 illustrators from around the world. Ania is wondering what is friendship – she decides to send her green kite to fly across the planet and bring her back stories about friendships in different countries, stemming from different cultures and traditions.

On over a hundred pages the Green Kite is travelling to more than thirty countries, including Brazil, Australia,Spain, United States, Hungary, Finland, Japan, China, Ukraine, Germany andUnited Kingdom; looking how friendship forms between children, grown-ups and animals, both in obvious and less-than-obvious ways.

Thanks to the Green Kite’s journey children discover the timeless value of friendship, learn tolerance and get inspired to understand the world more and more.

Each illustration is accompanied by a short story from the Kite’s travels – introducing readers to new places, foods, traditions and ideas originating from those countries. It also contains a short and fun trivia section, including activities for both children and their parents.

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W kim zakochał się Księżyc

’Who Did The Moon Fall In Love With’ (Audiobook)

The Moon doesn’t know what love is; it’s hard not to feel lonely in such a vast and empty space. One day he’s visited by an unexpected guest from Earth – a grey goose – bringing with him a whole new outlook on life.

’Who Did The Moon Fall In Love With’ is a fable putting difficult things into simple words: How to deal with unrequited love? Does bravery matter? And is it worth it to have all of your dreams come true?

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